Find out which staff development method(s) will work best for your situation.

To find out how a literacy consultant can transform the quality of your lesson planning, teaching effectiveness, or quality of reading and writing workshops, take advantage of a FREE 15-minute consultation with Leah Mermelstein to assess your needs.

If ANY of the statements below apply to yourself or to your teaching staff, you would benefit from the coaching instruction of a literacy consultant:

“I have/am a teacher who is new to the content they are presenting.”

“I would like to offer my teachers an evaluation of their current teaching methods and style.”

“My teachers are comfortable with their content, but could use some objective feedback or additional support.”

“My teachers could use help with developing a particular unit of study or a year-long plan.”

“I have a group of teachers who are willing to observe each other and will benefit learning from one another.”

“I have teachers who are looking to further their own development.”

“I’d like to offer my teachers a resource of on-going support via email.”

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