Working with a literacy consultant is a big step; ensuring that you are working with the right one for your team is the key to teaching a successful curriculum. Below is some feedback we have received from people who have been happy to work with Leah!

“Leah comes with a wealth of information that she has acquired over the years in many ways. As a former upper- and lower-grade teacher, she is masterful in the classroom and continues now as a consultant to teach in classrooms on a regular basis. She has also written and researched three books, which has given her the opportunity to think about some important literacy topics in depth. Also, because she is experienced in working with schools/​districts she can help them make the best use of their time with her. When schools hire Leah, they are often able to achieve their literacy goals in fewer days with her because she shows them how to use their time more effectively.”

Other things teachers and administrators are saying about Leah’s workshops, demonstration lessons, and keynote speeches:

Leah is upbeat, positive, and honest. Teachers are always comfortable and excited to work with her. She has an innate ability to help teachers look honestly at their work with students and make shifts in their teaching when necessary.
Leah has an intuitive ability to quickly assess what a school/​district is doing well in the area of Reading and Writing Workshops, pinpoint key needs, and then create a plan of staff development on how to address those needs.
This has to be the best workshop I've ever attended.
One of the most useful [lessons] of my professional development career.
Best workshop on writing that I've ever attended. Thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge with us.
I love when I can attend a workshop with information and ideas that I can bring back to the students. It was a valuable week.
Leah was thoroughly engaging. I have never been more impressed with a speaker. She gave incredible answers to our questions.

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